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Yea Big / The Wind That Blows The Robot's Arms (CD)
アメリカはシカゴの『Jib Door』レーベルより、同郷の“Yea Big”ことStefan Robinsonの2006年にリリースされたアルバムが入荷!


01: The Wind That Blows the Robot's Arms
02: Please Die, and Leave Me Alone
03: Or Just Leave Me Alone
04: Exaggeration Run Amuck
05: My Principles Far Outweigh My Common Sense
06: Look For and Remove Any Foreign Objects Seen In Mouth
07: Manufacturing Morals
08: Touch You or Touch Them
09: Nice People Are Those Who Have Nasty Minds
10: The Same Stupid Shit, Only Faster
11: Nice People Are Those Who Have Nasty Minds
12: Firstmeal
13: But We Will Try Nonetheless
14: Euphoric State of Panic
15: Neurosis of the Giver
16: Floccinaucinihilipilification
17: It Will Be Tasteful
18: Elegant As Fuck
19: Elegant As Fuck
20: Elegant As Fuck
21: Increaseth Wisdom Increaseth Sorrow
22: Perverse Display of Friendship
23: Pleasure In Contemplating Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth
24: Bruce, You Have To Recognize
25: You Scared Me Into Loving You

型番 JIB-102
定価 1,650円(税込)
販売価格 1,320円(税込)
在庫数 残り1枚です